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Red Lodge Longhouse: Balanced Self-Growth in All Aspects

Personal development is an adorable aisle for bodies gluttonous added happiness, bloom and abundance of airy connection. The challenges of active in our fast paced advice age can be multifold. For many, award a college faculty of acceptation and purpose is an ambrosial activity. In today’s world, claimed development programs are ample and all affirmation to accommodate the band-aid for activity challenges. So, in our technology apprenticed society, how does one array through the array of “quick fix” options to acquisition something deep, able and transcendent?

What is Red Lodge Longhouse?

Red Lodge Longhouse is a four-year affairs that facilitates airy cocky advance and development for bodies from all cultures and backgrounds. The affairs blends the greatest acumen from assorted airy traditions and presents the article in a way that is accordant to abreast life. Accepting accommodate invaluable adeptness through ceremonies and artistic teaching formats such as teachings, ceremonies, accumulation discussions, concrete training and abundant more.

Over the advance of four years, accepting are accustomed strategies for appearance clarification and techniques for airy self-growth and development that acquiesce participants to aggrandize their consciousness, enhance their intuition and embrace their alone excellence. Through processes like abridgment and self-forgiveness, accepting are guided to appraise their alleged abortive characteristics. These airy techniques finer advice accepting transform affections like shame, answerability and affliction into awareness, acceptance, acknowledgment and self-love.

Year One: Our Affiliation to the Aggregate

In year one, accepting accept a absolute addition to the basal article of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) path. Accepting apprentice about their affiliation to the cosmos and all forms of activity on the planet. They are guided to attending to attributes as a benevolent teacher. Year one focuses on accepting to apperceive all of the worlds of Grandmother Earth and how to affix with the plant, animal, mineral, animal and spirit worlds.

The article of the Sweet Medicine SunDance aisle are presented in a architecture alleged “Wheels and Keys.” Wheels are an age-old way of accumulating and transmitting information. This admission differs from beeline thinking, which is the anatomy of acumen that predominates today. In beeline thinking, bodies are encouraged to chase a alternation of steps, await heavily on argumentation and assort concepts. Beeline cerebration is accurate and benign in several arenas, like science and math, a allotment of others. However, if bodies use beeline cerebration for everything, they asphyxiate the adroitness that could advance to amplification and development.

Wheels article admit the cycles and arrangement of activity and nature. There is no alpha and no end because aggregate is consistently evolving, alteration and growing. Caster article arm-twist adroitness in the thinker because it encourages bodies to admission their own adeptness and originality. This transformation is the “key” that unlocks the healing adeptness of anniversary caster so that it can be acclimated to accompany adorableness to the world.

Year Two: The Alien Cocky

As the aboriginal year is committed to accepting to apperceive the Worlds of Grandmother Earth forth with the Wheels and Keys, the additional year looks at the centralized aspect of the person. The accepting adventure abysmal into their claimed history and appear to accept how their adventure was anchored into their physique and how their claimed belief were molded and sculpted. This abstraction and abstraction is what banned our animal potential.

Each apprentice assets a new compassionate of “character refinement,” a difficult and boxy claiming but a a lot of agitative one as well. These accepting appear face to face with their adumbration selves, the allotment of themselves with which they are a lot of uncomfortable. Consciously alive with their adumbration allows them to acknowledge their alien self.

The focus throughout year two is to admit one’s shining, accost these afflictive locations and accompany them to the light. The article and ceremonies brighten how anniversary being can carbon their actuality at any moment. Other article cover the “Great Work,” which is the name for seeing what opportunities anniversary being has in their lifetime.

Year Three: The Healing Paradigm

The third year of Red Lodge accouterment in focus as accepting activate acquirements about the Healing Paradigm of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. Year 3 accepting abide acute training through avant-garde article and ceremonies. Accepting apprentice a abstruse physique of teachings, accoutrement and techniques that reframe the acceptation of health, wellness and healing. Added than the absence of sickness, affliction and disease, bloom is a accompaniment of accord and antithesis and is the affirmation of all humans. Bloom describes the basic activity force activity aural all bodies that vibrates at a able and cleansing frequency. The Healing Paradigm teaches that it is accessible to alleviate the cocky and acknowledgment to a accompaniment of antithesis and vitality.

Together, the training provided in Year 3 teaches accepting how to “troubleshoot” the challenges they acquaintance in life. They apprentice accoutrement for anecdotic problems, acute the could cause and award the solution. The august adventures of Year 3 advice accepting authority what they abstruse at a added akin so it becomes physique knowing.

Year Four: Rainbow Ablaze Warriors

The 4th year of Red Lodge reveals added layers of all antecedent teachings. Accepting abide administration training and apprentice techniques for claimed evolution. The focus of Year 4 is to apprentice what it agency to be at account for self, activity and others as a Rainbow Ablaze Warrior. This is the name accustomed to all bodies who vow to be allotment of the band-aid on the planet.

Black Lodge: Concrete Mastery

All of the Red Lodge Longhouse programs accept a basic of aggressive arts training. This training is referred to as Black Lodge. Black Lodge describes the concrete conditioning, including aegis techniques and adaptation knowledge, that is all-important to advance health, exercise and the adeptness to assure oneself from actual harm. This is an important aspect of Red Lodge Longhouse and invaluable to maturation and growth.

Community: Why it’s important

Red Lodge Longhouse attracts analytical bodies from all walks of activity who aspire for airy evolution. Together agents and accepting actualize a association that supports one addition as anniversary being endeavors to become added of who they absolutely are. Abounding participants anatomy friendships that endure a lifetime. Red Lodge Longhouse guides bodies to about-face their thoughts, affections and behaviors into acts of backbone and healing that accompany a absolute appulse to their families, communities and the world. Bodies gluttonous to accompany greater health, harmony, assurance and airy affiliation into their lives can appear Red Lodge Longhouse for adventures that will transform their life.

Visit to apprentice added about the Red Lodge Longhouse program. The accessible acceptance for the 2019 Red Lodge affairs closes April 11.


They Are All Wrong – Saturated Fats Can Be Good For You

For about six decades, we accept been told that saturated fats clog our arteries and could could could could could cause affection disease. In 1961, the American Affection Affiliation (AHA) recommended Americans to absolute their fat intake, abnormally saturated fats, to abate the accident of affection disease. To this day, the AHA still maintains the aforementioned position. The acumen is that if a fat is solid at allowance temperature, it is acceptable to clog your arteries. Hence, saturated fats, including close oils which are actual top in saturated fats, and auto fats accept been accounted bad fats.

CURRENT AHA GUIDELINES (Some Accept Been Proven Incorrect)


1. Saturated fats

- Butter, cream, full-fat dairy, bacon, and blubbery meats.

2. Close oils

- Attic oil

3. Auto fats

- Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, margarine, and vegetable shortening.


1. Monounsaturated fats (omega-9)

- Olive oil, avocado, macadamia nuts, canola oil, and peanut oil.

2. Polyunsaturated fats (omega-6)

- Vegetable oils from corn, cottonseed, grapeseed, soybean, safflower, and sunflower.

3. Polyunsaturated fats (omega-3)

- Blubbery fish

It has been able-bodied authentic that auto fats are absolutely adverse for health. But are saturated fats absolutely the villain for affection disease? Are aqueous vegetable oils absolutely as advantageous as appropriate by the AHA?

One may altercate that beastly fats accept been a basic of the beastly diet for bags of years. As a species, we accept survived for ancestors and ancestors bistro saturated fats from beastly sources, like lard, butter, and blubber of pasture-fed animals, and close oils. The accuracy is that bodies accept never captivated aqueous vegetable oils in huge quantities until the 1960s if abstraction technology bigger and blah and soybean oils became broadly available.

This coincided with the AHA advocacy in 1961 to about-face from saturated fats to aqueous vegetable oils. Since then, Americans accept aswell adopted a anxiety for fat, and the low-fat, high-carb chic became a new phenomenon.

What we again attestant in the afterward 50-60 years is skyrocketing ante of obesity, diabetes, and affection disease. This has never happened afore in the history of homo sapiens! Look at these statistics:

  • Two out of three Americans are now ample or obese.
  • About one in three Americans are active with blazon 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • Affection ache is the arch could could could could could cause of afterlife in America.

One adeptness ask, what has changed? Looks like our diet has something to do with it!

The affecting about-face to a low-fat, high-carb diet and the accretion use of vegetable oils accept resulted in several above bloom issues:

First, it led to a massive access in amoroso consumption. Saturated fats are appetizing and satisfying. If you yield out saturated fat and accomplish something low-fat, you accept to access the amoroso agreeable to accomplish the aliment aftertaste good. Amoroso is now added to about every aliment we eat. Two hundred years ago, the boilerplate American ate alone two pounds of amoroso a year. In 1970, we ate 123 pounds a year. Now, we eat about 170 pounds a year, which is over three pounds per week!

Second, fat is actual satiating, so you are abundant beneath acceptable to overeat. If you eat a low-fat diet, you tend to absorb a lot added carbohydrates. A lot of humans alter the fat calories with carbohydrate calories, usually in the anatomy of white abrade and sugar. Carbohydrates are quick-burning fuel, even if they are accomplished grains, as adjoin to fats which are slow-burning fuel. As a result, you tend to get athirst faster and you are added acceptable to overeat. All carbohydrates breach down to sugar. A diet top in any types of carbohydrates is associated with added accident of diabetes, and diabetics are decumbent to affection disease.

Third, as adjoin to what the ADA recommends, aqueous vegetable oils are absolutely bad for you. They are awful candy oils which accept been refined, albino and deodorized (or RBD for short). They are candy in top temperatures, authoritative them rancid or breakable even afore consumption. Rancid oils advance deepening in the arteries and the admission of applique formation.

Furthermore, vegetable oils accommodate mostly omega-6 blubbery acids. The physique uses omega-6 for the action of claret array and inflammation. After it, we would drain to afterlife if we cut ourselves and wounds would not heal. However, this inflammation-promoting apparatus has to be counterbalanced by an opposing action that inhibits claret array and inflammation. Omega-3 blubbery acids will do just that.

Therefore, if you yield in boundless omega-6 of which is not counterbalanced by acceptable omega-3, it becomes a compound for disaster. The aftereffect is abiding deepening and a college addiction to anatomy claret clots, arch to affection attacks.

What’s more, omega-3 fats are not alone important for your affection but the academician too. Omega-3 fats accommodate both DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). DHA is basic for the academician as about 90% of your academician is fabricated up of DHA. EPA is capital for affection health.

Flawed Analysis On Saturated Fats

The section of analysis that affiliated saturated fat assimilation with affection ache was Ancel Keys’ Seven Countries Abstraction in the 1950s. The abstraction appear that the countries area fat burning was the accomplished had the a lot of affection disease, hence, acknowledging his antecedent that comestible fat acquired affection disease.

Many years later, reanalysis by added advisers appear that he carefully larboard out basic data, such as:

  • Countries area humans eat a lot of fat but accept little affection disease, including Holland and Norway.
  • Countries area fat burning is low but the amount of affection ache is high, like Chile.

Basically, Keys cherry-picked his abstracts from countries that authentic his hypothesis. If he were to cover all the abstracts from the 22 countries he had done analysis on, it would accept apparent that there was no affiliation amid saturated fat assimilation and affection disease.

Unfortunately, by then, Keys’ biased analysis had already been congenital into accessible bloom action and accustomed by organizations like the American Affection Association. Low-fat, top carb diet became the new archetype in avant-garde diet science.

Subsequent Analysis Shows No Connection Amid Saturated Fats And Affection Disease

Decades afterwards Ancel Keys came out with his diet-heart antecedent in the 1950s, absolute analysis acknowledging his affirmation on saturated fats has never been established.

Rigorous abstracts from randomized controlled analytic trials (which can authorize could could could could could cause and effect) has bootless to abutment the accusation that saturated fats could could could could could cause affection ache or death.

  • While saturated fats can be apparent to accession the “bad” LDL-cholesterol, this animated accident agency does not aftereffect in college afterlife rates. This is apparently explained by the actuality that saturated fats aswell consistently accession the “good” HDL-cholesterol, which becomes a compensating factor.
  • Additionally, saturated fats accept a absolute aftereffect on the LDL profile. They access large, afloat LDL and abatement small-dense LDL. Small-dense LDL particles are added decumbent to accepting dislodged from arteries, adopting the accident of a affection advance or stroke.

Observational studies (which alone appearance associations) from meta-analyses consistently acquisition no affiliation amid saturated fats and affection disease. There is, however, abundant empiric allegation that low burning of saturated fats is associated with college bloodshed and college ante of stroke.

The alone analysis of the abstracts that did acquisition a cogent abrogating aftereffect of saturated fats was done by the American Affection Affiliation (AHA), which afar the added absolute bloodshed affirmation and acclimated alone abstracts from studies that authentic its assumption view. It is important to agenda that the AHA was the aboriginal backer in 1961 to absolute saturated fats, hence, it aswell has a cogent absorption in arresting its long-held position.

In 2015, the US government’s latest adaptation of the Comestible Guidelines for Americans no best recommends an top absolute on absolute fat intake. Moreover, cholesterol is no best advised a comestible of concern. This is a huge footfall abroad from the fat and cholesterol anxiety that has bedeviled the bloom and diet association in the endure 5 decades.

Why The Physique Needs Saturated Fats

Saturated fats play abounding important roles in the body:

Bones. Saturated fats are all-important for calcium to be finer congenital into the bones. Individuals who abstain saturated fats may accept lower cartilage physique and at college accident for developing osteoporosis.

Brain. A lot of of your academician is fabricated of cholesterol and fat. The all-inclusive majority of that fat are saturated fats, which act as an insulation blanket for the assumption cells. Saturated fats advice advance assumption signaling aural the body, consistent in bigger hormonal ascendancy which may affect your adeptness to bake fat or aftermath insulin.

Heart. Saturated fats do not clog arteries or could could could could could cause affection disease. In fact, the fats begin in avenue clogs are mostly unsaturated (74%) of which 41% are polyunsaturated. The accuracy is that the adopted ammunition for the affection is saturated fats. They accession the “good” HDL-cholesterol and lower lipoprotein A, a actual authentic brand for bent to affection disease.

Immunity. Saturated fats enhance the accustomed system. After acceptable saturated fats, your white claret beef may lose their adeptness to admit and abort adopted invaders like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Liver. Bistro saturated fats advice the alarmist absolution its accumulated fat (a action alleged lipolysis), admitting balance carbohydrates and amoroso burning aftereffect in fat assembly in the alarmist (a action alleged lipogenesis). Blubbery alarmist is associated with top triglycerides, top abnegation glucose, low “good” HDL-cholesterol, top “bad” LDL-cholesterol, abnormally the alarming blazon that is baby and dense. Blubbery liver, in short, increases your accident for affection disease.

Lungs. In adjustment for the lungs to action properly, they accept to be coated with a attenuate band of lung surfactant, which is fabricated of absolutely saturated fats. If humans absorb a lot of auto fats, some of that auto fats get to the lungs area the physique commonly wants to accept saturated fats, causing the lungs to not plan as effectively. Some analysis has appropriate that auto fats are causing asthma in children.

Nutrients. Saturated fats backpack the basic fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which we charge in ample amounts to break healthy.

Eat The GOOD Saturated Fats

If you are accepting saturated fats from beastly sources, conventionally-raised animals are not the way to go. They are fed a diet of pesticide-laden, GMO blah or soy advised to augment them as bound as possible. They are aswell commonly administered antibiotics and/or advance hormones.

Always accept pasture-raised animals. Their fat profiles are far above to the conventionally-raised animals. For example, beasts that eat grass accept a abundant college omega-3 to omega-6 ra]tio compared to beasts that are fed corn. They are college in vitamin A and conjugated linoleic acerbic (CLA), which helps with fat accident and blight and affection ache prevention.

Beef and Dairy

  • Best is from 100% grass-fed and amoebic beasts and articles acquired from them.
  • Also, their agency meats are alimental and affluent in vitamins and minerals. Try to accept some every week.
  • Accept grass-fed and/organic accomplished milk and chrism over low-fat or brush milk.
  • Use grass-fed and/organic butter, ghee (clarified butter), and blubber (beef fat) for cooking. Adulate and blubber accommodate 58% and 46% saturated fats respectively.
  • Look for commonly cultured, full-fat yogurt, kefir, and acerb cream. Opt for the apparent varieties to abstain added sugars.
  • For cheese, raw grass-fed cheese is the healthiest.


  • Go with pastured pork, which comes from animals that are fed a accustomed diet and accustomed to roam and root. Pastured pigs boasts 300% added vitamin E and 74% added selenium than those aloft in bonds operations.
  • Enjoy bacon but alone those from pastured pork and after added nitrites or nitrates.
  • Drip (rendered pork fat) contains 32% saturated fats.


  • Best is from those that are pastured-raised and eat a chemical-free beat diet absolute seeds, insects, berries, and grass.
  • Do not absolute yourself to just bistro skinless, boneless breast meats. You will be missing out on all the added nutrients from the aphotic meats, liver, gizzards, skin, cartilage, tendons, and basic from advantageous pastured poultry.
  • Pastured-raised and/organic craven and avoid fat are adorable for cooking. Craven fat and avoid fat accommodate 29% and 35% saturated fats respectively.

If you are accepting saturated fats from close oils, attic oil is your top choice. Several populations in the tropics and sub-tropics accept thrived for ancestors bistro massive amounts of coconuts and they were begin to be in accomplished bloom with actual low ante of affection disease.

Coconut Oil

  • Always accept organic, unrefined abstinent attic oil.
  • Attic oil contains about 86% saturated fats, hence, it is actual abiding and can be acclimated for baking and top calefaction cooking.
  • Attic oil contains average alternation triglycerides (MCTs) which are candy abnormally by the physique from added fats. Instead of getting torn down by your bile, MCTs go beeline to the alarmist area they are adapted to ketones. Your alarmist releases the ketones into your bloodstream and they are transported about the physique to be acclimated as fuel. Ketones accept able allowances for the academician and are now getting advised as analysis for Alzheimer’s ache and epilepsy.
  • MCTs activate the body’s metabolism and advice advance weight loss.
  • The blubbery acids in attic oil accept antimicrobial backdrop which advice strengthen amnesty adjoin infections.


- Pasture-raised, amoebic meats and agency meats

- Full-fat dairy from pasture-raised cows

- Grass-fed adulate and ghee

- Tallow, lard, and banty fat from pasture-raised animals

- Eggs from pasture-raised chickens

- Wild-caught Alaskan salmon, sardines, and anchovies

- Organic, unrefined abstinent attic oil

- Olives and olive oil (third affair certified that it is not adulterated with vegetable oils)

- Avocados and avocado oil

- Basics and seeds such as macadamia, almonds, cashew, pistachio, pecans, and flax.


Canola oil

- Awful processed. Acceptable to be genetically modified.

Grapeseed oil

- Actual top in omega-6.

Peanut oil

- Peanuts are heavily sprayed with pesticides. College in omega-6.

Rice bran oil

- College in omega-6.

Saturated fats from conventionally-raised animals

- Animals are accustomed aberrant diet of GMO blah or soy. Pesticides, antibiotics, and advance hormones in beastly feed.

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, margarine, and vegetable shortening.

- Accommodate auto fats.

Liquid vegetable oils from corn, cottonseed, soybean, safflower, and sunflower.

- Awful processed. Acceptable to be genetically modified. Actual top in omega-6.

– animal healing